Welcome To Wheel Dog

Scary change. Scary, scary change. Starting a new business can be as trepidatious as new things for a puppy. I’m cautiously stalking towards all the things I need to set in place as if they’re the lighthouse in Port Hardy that Tierce liked to bark at for flashing.

This was Tierce. He was a Shiba Inu in the fullest glory: ever his own dog. I learned how to speak to him and work with him through clicker/marker training. It changed our relationship and my views on dogs in general. Through Tierce, I learned how to manage a challenging dog in different situations, how to earn his trust that I could handle things so he didn’t feel he had to, when to insist and when to let things go.

Tierce was never an ‘obedient’ dog, nor was he a paragon of virtue. I never trained him to be a title-winner or even a dog that would reliably come when called. However, what I did do was have over 16 years of companionship from a dog I could live with.

This is the kind of training that I offer: not a guarantee of perfect obedience or prize-winning, but practical and effective ways to manage dogs so that they become dogs you can enjoy living with.