Individual Dog Training

Shiba on a paddleboard

I offer puppy training and basic obedience lessons in the ‘great outdoors’ or in your home. Contact me at for information about private group training.

Individual Solutions

Just The Two Of Us: I take your dog out on a training walk where I reinforce good behaviour and return it to you with some notes on our travels and what we worked on (and how to replicate it in your own adventures).

Just The Three Of Us: You, your dog, and me on a training walk where we reinforce good behaviour and try out fun stuff to do that motivates your dog to keep paying attention. You’ll get a write-up of our adventure and the behaviours that we worked on.

Pack Talk ‘n Walk: You, your family/friends/dog carers and me on a training meetup or walk where everyone gets a chance to interact with the dog in a meaningful way and reinforce that good behaviour we all dream of. You’ll get a write-up of what we discussed and practiced so you can repeat it yourselves.


Initial Consult and Assessment: $135 plus GST for 1.5 hours of in-person (in-dog?) consultation. This includes a write-up of our consult:

  • What we identified as your main concerns/goals
  • What we practiced
  • Recommended exercises, including description, and step-by-step guide

Just The Two Of Us: $75 per hour

Just the Three Of Us: $95 per hour

Pack Talk ‘n Walk: $115 per hour

Contact Julie at or at 250.713.7985 for more information and pricing